An Ambitious Council

As a Council, our aim is to improve lives and create prosperity, by making Gedling an attractive place to live, work and visit. We’ll achieve this by delivering value-for-money, value-added services that make a visible difference in all of our communities. Hence our strap-line “Serving People, Improving Lives”.

A vision is little more than a starting point. To turn it into something tangible and worthwhile we have created strong plans that will enable us to achieve our vision and empower our people to make a difference. These ambitions and achievements are encapsulated in our Gedling Plan. We are also undertaking a review of how we deliver services more appropriately, effectively and efficiently through our internal “Dynamic Council” programme which has the four themes of digital working, agile working, demand management and commercial opportunity.

Quick facts about the Council:
- We have 500 employees
- We spend around £12.1 million each year on services
- We have 41 Councillors representing 19 wards
- We handle just over 8,500 Housing Benefit claims each year
- We deal with around 180,000 calls to our contact centre each year

Gedling Council is continuing to be successful in meeting the needs of our community, while becoming more efficient and reducing spending. We believe in being a compassionate, considerate and co-operative council, as well as being efficient and commercially driven. Being an ambitious council means that we have a clear vision for the residents, businesses and service users of the borough and we balance our priorities accordingly. We evolve our organisation, without losing sight of what we need to do to deliver for those that we serve.